Power In Numbers

MemberHits.com Power in Numbers

Ask yourself these 3 questions.

  1. Do you want Financial FREEDOM?
  2. Do you want to be debt FREE?
  3. Do you want to learn how to make money?

Memberhits.com is a membership website where you the members get to vote on what MemberHits.com Buys, Builds, or Starts up. Think of it as a Shark Tank on steroids.  You get to make the decisions.

First things First:

  • My name is Chris Baker founder and CEO.
  • I am going to always be upfront, blunt, and honest.
  • You are not going to wake up rich after joining this website.
  • You can make money in due time.
  • Remember there is power in numbers.
  • Learn how to make money with the power of many as a member of this site.

Are YOU ready to make MONEY? Yes, you are, and in just a few moments I will show you how to be well on your way with just a few clicks of the mouse to make money just for being a member of this Website. On this site, you can vote on ideas as well as learn about them too. This is a ground floor opportunity as you will see there is not a lot of content, this will build with time as will membership.


I know I know you have heard this a million times before and you get all excited just to find out you have to get every friend, family member, and enemy to sign up to some website and buy something for you to make a few bucks to find out that the first few people that got in on the deal are the ones that made the big money. (I see you shaking your head)


Well, this is NOT that type of website. You don’t have to get anyone to join (but you can if you want to), you don’t have to get anyone to buy anything (you don’t I am not kidding). This is not going to make you rich tomorrow, but over time, everyone can make money.


Right to the point:

By joining the website MemberHits.com as a paying monthly member, you become a legal member of MemberHits, LLC. As a legal member, you will vote on opportunities, you will receive an equal share of profits monthly from everything owned by MemberHits, LLC. In the event you cancel your membership, die, or become unable to pay your membership dues, you will no longer be a legal member of MemberHits, LLC. You can NOT transfer your membership to anyone unless you are changing your “payment info” from your personal name to a business name that you are a legal part of. As a legal member of MemberHits, LLC you will have NO equity in anything owned by MemberHits, LLC, you are ONLY entitled to an equal share of the currently paid membership month profits.

You are going to join this website and become a member, as a member you will have access to all other members of our forum to discuss all types of opportunities. You will also have a vote on all projects.

Stop wasting time:

JOIN NOW don’t wait to be the 100,000 members. (I know you just said it will take forever to get 100,000 people to join)

Not when there are 7 BILLION people on earth ready to make money. (Ok 6 BILLION some people don’t have Internet)



Wait, Wait, Wait Who Is this guy?

IS this some guy tired of working for the man that has come up with a great plan? (If you were thinking those things you are the WINNER, well you don’t get anything but you are right)

Just sit back in your chair for a minute and take it all in…………..  Now read it again to make sure you did not miss anything…….. Ok, JOIN NOW.